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3 comments enforces TOS unfairly.

If you are a big customer then you are able to elude their TOS enforcement team. does not allow internet tobacco sales, right?


You agree that You will not at any time conduct Your business in any manner that directly or indirectly offers, sells, leases, licenses or displays, delivers, advertises, recommends, or promotes any product(s), service(s), data, information, image(s), text and/or any content which:

1. is unlawful or violates any applicable local, state, federal, national or international law, statute, ordinance, or regulation including, without limitation, Credit Card Association rules, consumer protection law, Internet tobacco sales, firearm sales, unfair competition, antidiscrimination or false advertising.

How are there are a ton of companies online selling tobacco using when its against their TOS. I'm wondering what CEO is getting a kickback from these companies, or perhaps free cigars. I asked in March about it and yet all the companies in question are still using for internet tobacco.

Here are just a few examples:"‹llars/garcia-y-vega-packs-350.html

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Hey dummy, they are a software, not the actual company that charges cards. They don't care who sells what, they just provide the code that translates data from websites to the actual companies that charge the cards.


as a web designer i've had to make so many emergency changes to clients websites over the BS with and help find new gateways in a pinch for people while does whatever the heck they want based on who is paying them off to ignore the TOS violations.

you sit there and just ride the ride until you get caught and your account shut off. instead all the stores should be filing a lawsuit against for not equally enforcing their TOS.

paypal can take tobacco sales under their "new rules" and special permit from Visa/MC. is allowing their high volume customers continue to use their service while they drop the little guys. that is unfair competition and not allowed by a financial / money handling service.

Perhaps you own one of the stores listed? Nothing personal, but the days are numbered for everyone selling tobacco online via

Until all the singled out people start to stand up and sue, it will continue. Do you value your business? can lock your money instantly and for most in this economy that can kill a company quick.


Cigarman dont be putting other companies when you do your comments. you wouldnt like if we put comments about your site.

Is like paypal I see that manny other sites use paypal but my company can accept paypal but i dont disclose who those companies are because is not fair. keep it to yourself dont try to mess other companies up

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